Round Table3

Our Approach

We pride ourselves in being a Catholic organization that upholds traditional family values. Our core principles are charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. We have a passion for serving our community.

Meet the Team

Each function has a team assigned to help make your event go smooth. If you check the calendar before your event it will be updated with which team is assigned and below are the guys in charge of those teams.

Team 1 Captain

 Greg Cordes

Team 4 Captain

Tim Muldoon Jr.

Team 7 Captain

Tim Muldoon Sr.

Grand Knight

Team 2 Captain

Randy Leitman

Team 5 Captain

Kevin Wilmes

Team 8 Captain

Jim Volmert

Team 3 Captain


Team 6 Captain

Jerry Heitman

Next Steps...

To reserve the hall please hit the contact us button or Call Barb at 636-528-7450.